During the practical course Applied mechatronics you will learn to fathom mechatronic systems with modelling and simulation towards realisation. In this way you will be able to realise the system as optimally as possible for your application.

  • Learn to understand mechatronic issues
  • Apply modelling and simulation
  • Save costs with an optimal design
Engineers, designers and architects
HBO+/BSc or MSc
5 day session
Certificate of attendance
An extensive English syllabus
Includes package costs and training materials
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About the Applied mechatronics course

During this five-day course, Sven Hol, Ph.D., will discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of the various disciplines within the field of mechatronics. As a participant you will familiarize yourselves with modelling, simulating and controlling mechatronic systems. This course will lead to more understanding of (complex) mechatronics systems and will make you more effective in the design and realization!

This course will give you the insights to understand the essence and structure of mechatronics systems in practice. After this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and discuss about the challenges within the related disciplines (mechanics, electronics, control engineering and computer science)
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge in practical mechatronic applications
  • Translate a mechatronic system (mechanics, actuators, amplifiers and sensors) towards models
  • Realize and optimize these models in Simulink and Matlab
  • Practical realization of an optimized mechatronic system based on the simulation results

The practical set up consists of a linear motion system being controlled in a feedback loop. The achieved performance of the system will be compared to the predicted performance according to the model.

The training is suitable for people working in the industry and who are already familiar with mechatronics. You work in a function like system architect, mechatronic designer, machine engineer, electrical engineer, software and firmware developer. The training assumes a higher education level (HBO+/BSc or MSc) and at least two years of work experience with mechatronics. The course is constructed in such a way that a specialist in one discipline can still understand the theory and practice of the other disciplines. After the course, you will be able to combine these less familiar disciplines with your own know-how.


This course can be taught in English


Day 1: Dynamic Models & Mechanical Systems

  • Introduction
  • Course overview
  • Mechatronic system
  • Dynamic models
  • Transfer functions
  • Mechanical systems I + II
  • Stiffness and damping
  • Introduction Simulink + Matlab

Day 2: Actuators Amplifiers Sensors & Friction

  • Recap Simulink + Matlab
  • Actuators (incl. actuator modeling)
  • Amplifiers (incl. amplifier modeling)
  • Sensors
  • Friction (incl. friction modeling)

Day 3: Feedback Control

  • Feedback control:
    • PID controllers
    • feed forward
    • bandwidth
    • PID tuning
    • stability
    • gain margin and phase margin
  • Sensitivities
  • Response of a controlled system
  • delay (incl. delay modeling)

Day 4: Linear Motion System I (practice)

  • Integration physical model in Simulink + Matlab
  • Criteria for stability
  • Determine PID settings
  • Controller tuning
  • Simulate system response
  • Upload control parameters in firmware
  • Drive system and trace system response
  • Compare simulated system response and measured system response
  • Explain difference

Day 5: Linear Motion System II (practice)

  • Alternative system stiffness
  • Tune controller with matlab
  • Verify response with simulink model
  • Upload renewed control parameters
  • Drive system and measure response
  • Comparison results
  • Advanced topics
  • Questions
  • Wrap up
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Your teacher

Sven Hol studied Mechanical and Automation Engineering at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, and received his Ph.D. in Mechatronic Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, where he held the position as associate professor. At ASML he held several functions, including electro-mechanical designer, customer service manager at ASML Japan, researcher and project manager. Currently, he is a mechatronic system Engineer and technical business lead at Demcon and works as an independent consultant helping other companies with mechatronic challenges.

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