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Geometric metrology and drawing reading are essential skills in industries where precision, quality, safety, cost reduction and efficiency are important. These skills help you in quality control of manufactured components and materials. They also play an important role in ensuring the safety of these products. By using geometric measurement techniques and drawing reading, you can detect and correct production errors early. This therefore saves you time and materials.

The importance of the technical drawing

The technical drawing is the basic document for all employees in the chain, from design to assembly, and contains all the information that an end product must comply with. A well-considered and generically set-up drawing with functional measurements is necessary for a smooth production process. Differences in interpretation can delay the process unnecessarily which, in the worst case, can lead to rejection, resulting in additional and unforeseen operational costs.

For designers, it is important to record thoughts unambiguously on a drawing with all the necessary information and requirements needed to make a workpiece. These include: shape, dimensions, size, dimensional tolerances, shape and position tolerances, roughness, material type(s), material requirements, finishing and quantities.

Using this information, the structural engineer must be able to realise the entire product design process. This requires knowledge in areas such as drawing reading, shape and position tolerances and geometric measurement technology.

Speaking the same language

To avoid misunderstandings in production, assembly and during measurements, it is important that all parties involved speak the same language. This also applies to the use of standards, assumptions and norms.

Being able to correctly read technical drawings and accurately measure components is very important here; it leads to efficiency in the production process, and therefore to higher productivity and profitability of your company.

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