The course Laser safety gives you insight into the possible dangers of working with lasers. You will learn about the technical and organizational measures that are necessary for a safe work space. Additionally, this laser safety course offers a sound basis for performing risk analyses.

  • Recognize the different types of lasers and their properties
  • Become familiar with the European Optical Radiation Directive 2006/25/EC and the IEC EN 60825-X standard.
  • Learn to carry out a risk inventory, evaluation (RI&E) and action plan (AP)
Anyone who is directly or indirectly involved with the use of lasers
MBO, prior knowledge of lasers is not required
1 full-day session
Proof of participation
Includes package costs and training materials
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About this laser safety course

The use of laser systems is increasing. For example, the laser is used in measuring instruments and scanners, to make markings or in industrial applications such as laser welding, laser cutting or laser cooling.

The course Laser safety gives you insight into the possible dangers of working with lasers.In addition, a good basis is laid for carrying out risk analyses. You will get acquainted with the various types, the corresponding properties and laser classes. Subsequently, you will be introduced to the dangers of working with lasers, including biological hazards. You will learn the most important standards and guidelines in the field of laser safety and which elements are needed for a thorough risk analysis after which you will be able to take the most important measures for a safe workplace.


Utrecht: Dutch
Veldhoven: English (unless every participant speaks Dutch)

laserveiligheid laserveiligheid


Introduction to lasers

  • What is a laser?
  • Recognizing the various types of lasers and their characteristics
  • Various methods for measuring laser radiation
  • Insight into the division into classes of lasers

Laser safety

  • The biological effects of laser radiation
  • Directives and standards: European Optical Radiation Directive 2006/25/EG and the international laser safety norm IEC EN 60825-X with 1 <X < 14
  • Methods for making a safe estimation of radiation levels

Safety measures

  • Technical safety measures
  • Organizational safety measures
  • Personal safety measures

Risk analysis

  • Methods for creating a risk assessment and evaluation (RI&E) and an action plan (AP)
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