• 24 October 2022
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Explore the myriad of possibilities of manufacturing technologies at the Manufacturing Technology Conference

KSC Aankondiging event

Additive manufacturing, injection molding, welding: all of these are key techniques in successful product development. Nevertheless, having a broad knowledge of all of these techniques can be quite a daunting challenge. The Knowledge Sharing Centre together with ASML and Thermo Fischer have taken the initiative to organize jointly with Mikrocentrum the first Manufacturing Technology Conference on Feb. 14. 2023 here in the Netherlands. Held in the Dutch town of Veldhoven, the conference will offer engineers a comprehensive roadmap of 100 different types of manufacturing technologies.

A technical designer or an engineer needs to have expertise in different types of techologies in order to be able to create a manufacturable product that, preferably, can successfully be launched on the market in one go. But how do you go about deciding which technologies you should use as well as find about what challenges these will involve? The Knowledge Sharing Centre, an initiative of high-tech giants ASML and Thermo Fischer Scientific, is providing engineers with a wealth of manufacturing knowledge during the first edition of the Manufacturing Technology Conference.

"Sharing knowledge about manufacturing technology is of utmost importance to ASML," says Arno Sprengers, Knowledge Sharing Manager at ASML and the Knowledge Sharing Centre. "Engineers today are being educated in a more intellectual way, but not so practically. By organizing this conference, we are contributing to the broad transfer of knowledge our industry is in need of."

"Knowledge about manufacturing technologies is not always available to everyone and we see that, in part because of this, shortages are occurring in the supply chain market," Maurits Smits adds. He is location director of Thermo Fisher Scientific Eindhoven, a world leader in the field of scientific services. "Yet there is an incredible amount of knowledge available on this in the region. We are really proud of that and through this event, we have the opportunity to proliferate that knowledge. So, by working together, we’re helping our industry shift up a gear."

A wide-ranging program

Engineers and product designers will get to meet one-on-one with specialized companies at the conference who will guide them through the myriad of possibilities that specific manufacturing technologies offer. These companies also offer them a helping hand with any challenges that may come up. "We’re working with posters, on which companies present their technologies. All technical content will then be covered in an interactive way," states Karin Mous, program manager at platform organizer Mikrocentrum.

In addition, the conference also focuses on knowledge sharing by means of master classes, keynotes and tech talks. After the event, this knowledge will also be made available digitally so that all of this information can be accessed afterwards. The day will end with an informal get-together for drinks.

"Both ASML and Thermo Fisher Scientific as well as suppliers will be given the opportunity during this interactive event to ask each other questions and share feedback on each other's processes," Mous goes on to explain. "They will show each other what course they are taking and how processes can be made more efficient and cheaper. Also, I’m expecting that new collaborations will come out of this, which in itself is a big win."

The starting shot

Ultimately, Smits assures us, visitors will leave the event with a list of new contacts and with essential new knowledge about the possibilities and challenges of countless manufacturing technologies. "This event is the catalyst to take the manufacturing industry in the region to the next level. And I hope that in addition to ASML, Mikrocentrum and Thermo Fisher Scientific, more parties from the manufacturing industry will jump on board."

"In short, this conference is a starting shot for more to come," Mous notes in conclusion. "So, I would say definitely come and take a look."

The Manufacturing Technology Conference will be held at the NH Conference Centre Koningshof in Veldhoven on Feb. 14, 2023. More information? Visit our website