Increase your knowledge of precision technology and develop, produce and assemble complex products where very high accuracy is required

Design and produce complex products with extremely high accuracy
The significance of precision technology for industry will continue to rise in the coming years. The reason is greater precision and far-reaching miniaturisation. The many examples and applications found within industry prove that precision technology has provided a stable foundation for the development of many devices and technologies around us.

What is precision technology?

Precision technology involves the development, production and assembly of complex products requiring very high accuracy. Think, for example, of products such as microchips, microscopes, measuring equipment and robots. All these products consist of many minuscule parts, some of which can even only be seen under a microscope.

Knowledge of construction

Technological developments in the field of precision mechanics, among others, are moving fast and becoming increasingly complex. Precision technology is the answer. To work with this, specific knowledge of construction principles and tolerances, among other things, is indispensable. The Tolerance Analysis course teaches you to solve tolerance problems structurally. This way, you increase the quality of designs and prevent tolerance problems in production.

New requirements and challenges

The development of precision technology puts pressure on the manufacture of systems and components. New requirements and challenges follow in quick succession. Constructions are becoming smaller, faster and more precise. It is important to be aware of how design principles affect the performance of machines and products. 

Fundamental design choices

Making fundamental design choices about, for example, force conduction, degrees of freedom and friction (or lack thereof) therefore affect accuracy and predictability.

During our courses and workshops, we show you how to influence the behaviour of mechanical structures and introduce you to the latest developments and applications.

Trade fairs

Want to meet the entire precision technology value chain? From mechatronic engineering & systems, metrology, vacuum & clean, micro processing & motion, laser & photonics to production for high precision? Then visit the Precision Fair.

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