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The 2D drawing disappears and is replaced by 3D PMI (Product Make Information). All information is in this 3D model. Besides ASML, more and more OEMs are switching to this way of working. This changeover has significant consequences for the entire supply chain. Suppliers will have to digitize.

All information in a 3D model

A lot is said about 3D PMI and Model Based Definition. These are two names for the same thing. The technology has been available for several years. With MBD all information for making a part is in the 3D model and no longer in the 2D drawing. The supply chain can benefit from working with MBD instead of the traditional 2D drawing.

Besides a higher efficiency, MBD also reduces the risk of errors. In addition, the turnaround time decreases, which is essential for the entire chain. Wondering how your company can prepare for this? Get informed during the MBD Solutions Event

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