Overly complicated and inefficient processes can be the cause of delay, waste and high costs. This can be prevented by making processes more manageable, improving their quality and by identifying and eliminating risks and problems in a timely manner.

Quality and safe work environment

Many organizations struggle with the question, "How do we improve our quality and safety?" Increasing the ability to meet quality and safety requirements is one aspect of this. However, it all hinges on creating actual quality and a safe working environment, especially when working with machinery. How do you realize and organize this in your company?

Lots of methodologies

Lean Six Sigma, FMEA, SPC, QRM, DoE, 8D, MSA, Poka Yoke and APQP/PPAP; a selection of methodologies aimed at optimizing business and production processes. Where one methodology focuses on risk analysis or problem solving, another focuses on systematically eliminating waste and reducing variation. We then speak only of optimization of business and production processes. To also improve and organize quality and safety, we look at methodologies and tools such as auditing, CE marking, PL & SIL, ATEX and LOTOTO. Achieving both higher process and product quality is related to the ability to structurally monitor, control and improve performance.

Getting ready?

Quality, safety and process improvement go hand in hand. A safe work environment prevents accidents and contributes to better products. Our courses and events within Quality and Improvement Skills help you keep up-to-date with the latest guidelines, methodologies and quality standards.