Make impact through technology

Technology plays a major role in our lives. And that is not surprising: technology makes our lives easier, more efficient and better. Your phone, laptop, but also your car and household appliances are therefore full of smart, often technically complex solutions. All these solutions are conceived, designed, produced and assembled by many clever minds and smart hands working in the high-tech and manufacturing industry.

Pushing possibilities through groundbreaking technological developments

Technology also plays a major role in tackling major challenges, including in the areas of energy transition, climate, mobility, food security and healthcare. It offers the opportunity to work more efficiently, make connections and solve problems. But, to be able to push the boundaries of technology, continuous talent development, or lifelong learning, expanding your network and being connected, is indispensable. We strongly believe that together we achieve more than one alone.

Would you like to increase your technological knowledge and make new connections?

Based on five main technological themes, we help you to stretch the definition of technology each day by training and organizing events. We help you push boundaries by taking innovative groundbreaking ideas from the drawing board to reality. Get started quickly? Discover our full range of courses and events per theme for the high-tech and manufacturing industry.