Campus Industry Connection Materiaaltechnologie

26 februari 2015  

High Tech Campus, Eindhoven

15.00 - 18.00 uur

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Campus Industry Connection is een uniek netwerk gebleken waarbij R&D technici die werkzaam zijn op een campus of in de industrie elkaar ontmoeten. Kennisuitwisseling van technologie ter stimulering van samenwerking en business development in meest brede zin staat centraal.

De bijeenkomst van 26 februari 2015 is gericht op de nieuwste materialen voor 3D printen. Carsten Engel, chief technology officer van Xilloc Medical B.V., zal een lezing verzorgen over de nieuwste materialen voor 3D printen van (bio)medische toepassingen.

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Welkom /  introductie
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Nieuwste materialen voor 3D printen van (bio)medische toepassingen

Carsten Engel, Xilloc Medical B.V.

What are the current trends and evolutions of Additive Manufacturing (or 3D Printing) applications, technologies and most of all, materials for biomedical applications? What can be done, what will be done and what is just far from a dream? What companies are currently using Additive Manufacturing in surgery and what are the applications? How can you innovate with these technologies and most commonly used materials for biomedical applications?

Implant manufacturing and the quest to the best fitting materials hasn't been studied as much as in the past ten-fifteen years. Nowadays, new production technologies such as Additive Manufacturing (or 3D Printing) are able to add value an enhancements even to more conventional implants. There are still a lot of challenges to overcome for implants but a lot can be and will be improved through 3D Printing. Today, nearly every known and most commonly used biocompatible material can be used on Additive Manufacturing technologies. What are the upcoming materials that haven’t yet seen the day? Added value through the combination of complex geometries of patient-custom implants, for example the integration of functional channels or lattice structures and the use of stem cells along with biodegradable materials increase even more the importance of these technologies for surgery. The current state-of-the-art materials will be presented as well as a summary of the challenges and future developments regarding 3D printable materials.


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Pitch presentaties

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