Challenges for the Automotive Industry!

14 juni 2018  

Evoluon, Eindhoven

09h30 - 18h30

The Automotive Congress has over the last years proven to be the most important and interesting happening on the Dutch automotive technology calendar. On June 7th and 8th, the 11th Automotive Congress and its participants will proudly reveal the state-of-art technology and discuss the challenges we face in this exiting industry.

This year’s theme is: Challenges for the Automotive Industry. Various executive key note speeches and parallel sessions from leading companies will inform and discuss about most relevant current topics. The Automotive industry is a truly global sector characterized by complex value chains and continuous innovations. Internationalization and Collaboration are key words for success. It is also for this reason that the organizing partners of this event, AutomotiveNL, RAI Automotive Industry and Mikrocentrum, are more than happy to join their forces.

International renown automotive industry speakers

We are particularly pleased that the venue, like last congress, will be the Automotive Campus in Helmond. There will be international speakers from Car Manufacturers / Suppliers, with focus on specific developments in:

  • Smart mobility
  • Green mobility
  • Manufacturing & logistics
  • Materials & design

Furthermore, we organize guided tours at the DAF Trucks Production Facility Eindhoven and there's an exhibition for Automotive supply companies.

AutomotiveNL, RAI Automotive Industry and Mikrocentrum together organize the 11th Automotive Congress on the 7th and 8th of June 2017. This year’s theme is: Challenges for the Automotive Industry. At the congress, which takes place at the Automotive Campus in Helmond (the Netherlands), current topics such as Smart Mobility, Green Mobility, Manufacturing & Logistics and Materials & Design will be discussed. Besides that, the congress focusses on the latest technologies, challenges and opportunities within the automotive industry.

Comprehensive congress program for the Automotive Industry

During the Automotive Congress, there is a comprehensive knowledge program with plenary sessions and keynote speakers of international renowned companies such as: Valeo, DS Automobiles, TomTom, Schaeffler, HTSM, Mov’eo, NXP Semiconductors and Fraunhofer Institut. In addition, tours are organized to DAF Trucks N.V. *) and several parallel sessions with the following themes: Smart Mobility, Green Mobility, Manufacturing & Logistics and Materials & Design take place.

*) max. 30 participants - registration required
     June 7   13h00 - 14h15
     June 8   14h00 - 15h15

Automotive Congress registration fees for 2-days (excl. VAT)

€ 299,00       members AutomotiveNL | High Tech Platform Mikrocentrum | RAI

€ 399,00       non-members AutomotiveNL | High Tech Platform Mikrocentrum | RAI

€   55,00       Students

June 7th


Opening by Lex Boon / Benno Hüsken
Jean Luc di Paola Galloni V2 AC2017
ERTRAC long term vision for the Transport System: sustainability, digitalisation and urban mobility in 2050

Dr. Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni, Valeo (Group VP Sustainability and External Affairs) / ERTRAC (Co-Chairnan), VALEO / ERTRAC

The lecture is addressing the key issues identified by ERTRAC (the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council) for the transport system from an R&D perspective. As the main automotive technology platform on collaborative research of the EU Commission in the field of road transportation, ERTRAC has recently issued a series of roadmaps on automation of road transport (2015) electrification of vehicles (2016) and integrated urban mobility (2017). A global vision of these 3 roadmaps and ERTRAC’s recommendations will be presented by Mr di Paola-Galloni.

Ivo Groen AC2017
To Move and Be Moved

Ivo Groen, VP Design Programs, DS Automobiles

We still need the emotion in our automobiles to make the difference with ‘mere mobility providers’.
The procured emotion is the expression of each brand, and ideally will create the market, instead of trying to follow it…

Coffee break
Heiko Schilling AC2017
Transforming Mobility

Dr. Heiko Schilling, TomTom Fellow and Head of Product Unit Navigation

Mobility can be defined as “the ability to move or be moved freely and easily” and as such describes a universal human need to move or navigate from A to B. TomTom started with basic navigation where we helped people finding their way from A to B and thereby we helped people getting rid of paper maps and making mobility easier. Later we connected navigation systems to traffic services and transformed basic navigation into dynamic navigation that outsmarts traffic and thereby breaks free from traffic congestion which makes mobility more efficient. Currently, we help people navigating their electric vehicle, making sure they do not run out of battery and thereby taking away people’s range anxiety and making mobility more sustainable. Going forward, TomTom is already very active in helping the automotive industry to move towards automated driving, where our mission is to provide content, software and services that enable the automated vehicle to see beyond its physical sensors and to help creating the future of mobility.

Lunch break exhibition
Guided Tour at DAF Trucks N.V.

(max. 30 participants - registration required)

Marc Charlet AC2017
Role of clusters to tackle the challenges of future mobility: example of Mov’eo

Marc Charlet, General manager, Mov'eo

We are living a major transformation in the mobility domain. Automotive industry is facing huge challenges: increasing urbanisation, environmental impact, safety and accessibility, digitalization, new usages, etc…
These challenges of tomorrow’s greener and smarter mobility require that actors work together in a collaborative way, using all the skills of the ecosystem (start-ups, SMEs, large companies, laboratories, territories…) in order to maintain their competitiveness.
This is the fundamental purpose of clusters by gathering all the actors in an open approach on 2 main pillars: collaborative innovation and collaborative business. The presentation will be illustrated by concrete examples from Mov’eo - French automotive & mobility cluster.

Partners International Program (PIB)

During the Automotive Congress 2017, the Partners International Program (PIB) for France will be officially signed. The PIB is an instrument of the Dutch government to position the Netherlands’ top sectors on promising markets abroad via clusters of organisations by combining private and public resources.

At the 7th of June 2017 fifteen organisations will form a consortium for the next three years with the purpose of doing (more) business with the French Industry.
Amongst them are companies active in Electric Vehicle Technology & Infrastructure, Smart Mobility and Materials.

Wrap up by Benno Hüsken
Drink on exhibition floor
End of day 1
registration required
Executive dinner

Restaurant "De Steenoven", Steenovenweg 21, 5708 HN Helmond

The restaurant is situated nearby the event location.

June 8th


Opening by Lex Boon / Benno Hüsken
Marc Hendrikse AC2017
Public Private Partnerships to cope with complex challenges

Marc Hendrikse, CEO, NTS-Group- Holland High Tech

The automotive industry is faced with disruptive times and challenges. Targets for reduction of CO2 emissions, new materials, automatic driving and connectivity are drivers for this disruption, leading to new players in the field. Focussed Public Private Partnerships will prove to be the answer to cope with the diversity and complexity of these topics. The Holland High Tech initiative aims to provide this focus, giving the Netherlands a prime position in these new developments.

Raphael Fischer AC2017
New vehicle platforms for urban mobility

Dr. Raphael Fischer, Director Innovation Projects, Schaeffler AG

The trend of urbanization, environmental issues and the change in mobility behaviours lead to new mobility concepts.
In order to satisfy upcoming needs, new vehicle platforms are under development.

The main target areas are:
1. to put as much space as possible on a certain footprint
2. to show outstanding manoeuverabiliy
3. to ensure a save and comfortable way of transport.

The mentioned platforms are suitable for several purposes e.g. public transport as well as delivery service.

Coffee break
Maurice Geraets AC2017
Without security no Connected and Automated Driving

Maurice Geraets, Board Member NXP Netherlands, NXP Semiconductors

The Netherlands initiated the Declaration of Amsterdam, taking a leading role in driving the deployment of connected & automated driving in Europe. Governments, road operators, infrastructure suppliers as well as automotive OEMs are stepping up on this, building on innovations in electronics. In his presentation, Maurice Geraets will explain what innovations are key drivers of connected & automated driving and will touch upon the relevance of security in this domain. Secure communication as well as systems designed for security are a prerequisite for safe and secure mobility. This presentation will give you more insights on these topics.

Thomas Bauernhansl AC2017
Automotive Industrie 4.0 - Cyber-physical Production Systems for Automotive Industry

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bauernhansl, Director, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, Insitute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management IFF, University of Stuttgart

The main driver within the framework of integrated industry (Industrie 4.0) is a holistic and integrated resource efficiency. The automotive production of the future is based on flexible and highly qualified staff which will operate intelligently automated processes. The future of the digital factory is distributed, decentralized and smart - and this complex production will organize itself on the base of real time information and cyber-physical systems (CPS). Whereas today the manufacturing of automobiles is clocked and synchronized at the conveyer belt, tomorrow there will be decoupled, fully flexible and highly integrated production systems.

Lunch break exhibition
Guided tour at DAF Trucks N.V. (max. 30 participants)

(max. 30 participants - registration required)

Wrap up by Benno Hüsken
Drink on exhibition floor
End of day 2
Materials & Design
13.45-15.15 hrs

Thermoplastic composites for structural automotive components

By DPI, The Polymer Research Platform
Restaurant "De Steenoven", Steenovenweg 21, Helmond

Executive dinner

Registration required
Restaurant "De Steenoven", Steenovenweg 21, Helmond

Executive dinner

Registration required
Manufacturing & Logistics
13.45-15.15 hrs

Challlenges for production companies in future automotive supply chains

Drive systems goes cloud

Joachim Hanke, Head of Industry Segment Automotive, Lenze Drives GmbH
Restaurant "De Steenoven", Steenovenweg 21, Helmond

Executive dinner

Registration required
Smart Mobility
13.45-15.15 hrs

Building the map for Autonomous Driving

Testing and improving 3D maps with VR

Ehetasham Tahir, RobotTUNER
Restaurant "De Steenoven", Steenovenweg 21, Helmond

Executive dinner

Registration required
Green Mobility
13.45-15.15 hrs

Building Electric Vehicles
Restaurant "De Steenoven", Steenovenweg 21, Helmond

Executive dinner

Registration required
Materials & Design
14.30-16.00 hrs

Re-use, Recycle and Remanufacture

CLAUT (CircuLar AUTomotive) als ketenregisseur op weg naar een Circulaire Economie

mr. P. Muezers, Polyscope Holding BV Managing Director, Founder Stichting CLAUT io
student teams
14.30-16.00 hrs

Dutch Automotive student teams

mr. S. van Osch, MAC Shell ECO Team
mr. R. Vossen, MAC Shell ECO Team

J. Koenders, Team Manager URE12, University Racing Eindhoven
14.30-16.00 hrs

International cooperation

Transition in Automotive Powerhouse Michigan

Justin Robinson, Vice President, Business Attraction, Detroit Regional Chamber

Why are Global Automotive OEMs & Tier 1 suppliers positioning themselves in Israel? An overview of Israel's innovative ecosystem in the automotive industry.

Uri Pachter, Technology & Innovation Scouting, Faurecia xWorks, Israel
Green Mobility
14.30-16.00 hrs

Efficient Powertrains

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The Event expo as well as the plenary congress hall are in a semi-permanent hall outside the Automotive House.



Manager Automotive Congress
Jean Pierre Heijster | AutomotiveNL |       

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Date/ time:
Wednesday 7 & Thursday 8 June 2017
09h15 -17h30


Automotive Campus   30
5708 JZ Helmond
The Netherlands

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