The solution for your 3D PMI challenge

October 13th, 2020  

Mikrocentrum, De Run 1115, Veldhoven

09.00 - 17.00

The 2D drawing has been replaced by 3D PMI. PMI Stands for ‘Product and Manufacturing Information’. Various brainstorming sessions with ASML suppliers have revealed the challenges they face. A requirements list has been drawn up from this.

Why is this MBD Solutions Event being organized?

The goal of this MBD Solutions Event is to showcase the mature solutions / product offerings to suppliers of ASML, addressing these gathered requirements.

What is the ASML 3D PMI project about?

The ASML 3D PMI project is responsible for rolling-out ASML 3D PMI TPD according a defined ASML PMI Way-of-working.

The ASML 3D PMI project went live since H2 2018. This means that suppliers of ASML since H2 are confronted with the 3D PMI TPDs’ and are also required to cope with this method of technical product data exchange since they have to manufacture components for ASML. Suppliers are thus already searching for solutions in the market with respect to the 3D PMI TPD re-use where they can tap in to the real benefits of MBD. Unfortunately, there are not many ‘mature’ solutions available in the re-use domain at this moment that is to the sufficient liking of our suppliers. Therefore, the ASML 3D PMI Project gathered a list of requirements/solutions that you as suppliers would like to have.

Are you part of the ASML supply chain?


The 2D drawing has been replaced by 3D PMI. Various brainstorming sessions with ASML suppliers have revealed the challenges they face. A requirements list has been drawn up from this.

Requirements for effective 3D PMI application in the product generation process:

  • Design changes or revisions must be clear and workable. (incl 3D model comparison).
  • GD&T use and settings needs standardization for correct and efficient use.
  • The Technical Product Documentation (TPD) model/GD&T quality and ASML standards must be optimal and secured for correct downstream re-use.
  • CAD files should be interchangeable with all other CAD software.
  • All native CAD information should be readable as PMI information. Notes, remarks, etc… need to be PMI identified (tagged).
  • The NX.prt, JT and STEP files in a TPD package must be 100% identical. (B-rep and PMI fidelity).

Design review, calculation & work preparation:

  • The JT viewer must have possibilities for markups in views, creation of customized views and saving & rework these views.
  • A standard overview of all created model-views and the ability to make black & white prints of these views will increase the effectivity of reviews and TPD use in the workshop.
  • Added information in customized views must be usable for downstream applications and therefore needs PMI identification.
  • The STEP file format must be PMI compatible.


  • Execution of an effective (First Article) inspection process needs an automated measurement plan and inspection report based on PMI. It must be able to add dimensions to the ASML mdTPD information for full automation.
  • More CAD and/or filter functions in the JT viewer will help work preparation and the ‘drawing in red’ or ‘red line TPD’ process.
  • 3D PMI needs a 3D digital ballooning process for inspection (software).
  • CMM software needs to be able to work with NX.prt, JT file or PMI-STEP file.
  • CAM software must be able to read PMI-STEP or NX.prt directly.
  • CAM software must be 3D PMI compatible according MBD standards.


  • Need for common way of working for MBD in the industry
  • Need for support in development towards the ‘digital factory’.
  • Investments must be realistic in relation to the benefits

Do you mis a requirement in this list? Let us know!

The MBD Solutions Event is an event to showcase several solutions and possibilities with respect to the use and re-use of ASML 3D PMI / MBD Technical Production Documentation (TPD). 

Do you have a ‘mature’ solutions / product offerings addressing the topics in the ‘Requirements list? Particpate in the MBD Solutions Event and show the ASML suppliers what you have to offer.

What are the various ways in which we as Solution vendors can participate or contribute to this MBD Solutions Event?

We identified several categories of MBD Solution providers. There will be plenty of opportunities and avenues to showcase a wide range of your product offerings that belong in one of these categories; CAM, CMM, Design offerings, etc… Exactly how depends on the number of providers and the type of solution offered.


If you are interested to participate in the MBD solutions Event please fill out the Requirements list with your solutions / product. Preferably as soon as possible but certainly before 1 September.

After we have received the Requirements list we will contact you about participation possibilities and costs.

Download requirements list here.

The second edition of the MBD Solutions Event will take place at:

De Run 1115
5503 LB Veldhoven


This location has 170 own parking places. In addition, there are sufficient parking options in the area.

Are you coming by public transport?

Near Mikrocentrum is a bus stop: ASML Building 4. 
The following buses depart from Eindhoven Central Station on the north side of the train station.

Line 119 (direction Veldhoven de Run) - departs every 10 minutes during rush hour.
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