Explaining your technology

Jodi van Nunen - UNIT040,  2 december 2015

Current times are in need of modern solutions; the industrial product configurator revolutionalises the way to sell industrial products.


Unit040 builds applications that visualize products and allow customers to configure them. In this way we create a realistic representation to fasten the sales process. The product configurator allows customers to test how their product will work and fit it to their needs and wishes. Virtual adjustments can be made instantly!

Industrial sector
Product configuration is available for a diverse range of sectors and products. We created a specific website that focuses on configuration for industrial products. The industry is specifically in need of a good representation of their products because it deals with complex, technical systems. By using configuration this helps industrial manufacturers to clearly show their products to potential clients in a more easy way. By doing this even people with no technical background, maybe the buyers, can understand the product.

The industrial product configurator offers the opportunity to show your product and it's different possibilities. Therefore, we provide insight into complex techniques by visualizing them. This shows your clients different solutions in a very early stage: before even building it for real. Your clients can build their product in a visual environment before it is actually there. This allows your clients to conform their own product and specialize it to the way they like. Visualized configuration contributes to the ownership feelings of clients, a very important aspect for them to join forces with your company. The configurator is a great sales tool for extern and intern marketing. Extern it fastens and fosters the representation of the products. Intern it can be used to convince people by providing them with an actual product sample.


Unit040 is member of the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform