Materialise announced Industrial Metal 3D Printing service at RapidPro 2015

Materialise,  2 december 2015
Aluminum Gradient Chair by Joris Laarman

Materialise NV, a leading provider of additive manufacturing software and sophisticated 3D printing services, will soon start offering Aluminum to its industrial customers.

At RapidPro Materialise CEO Fried Vancraen announced AlSi10Mg as the first metal option to join a portfolio of more than twenty 3D printing polymers currently offered to industrial customers by the Belgian-based additive manufacturing pioneer.


With a facility of more than 120 3D printers and wide variety of technologies, Materialise has grown into one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive providers of additive manufacturing services. With aluminum printing, the company adds a powerful new tool to its services for industrial applications.

“We believe that offering aluminum alongside a wide range of polymers allows us to be of better service to our customers. Aluminum is a perfect addition to the plastic materials we already offer and it opens doors for new applications,” says Jurgen Laudus, Director Additive Manufacturing Solutions at Materialise.


AlSi10Mg is an aluminum alloy that combines good strength and thermal properties with low weight and flexible post-processing possibilities. For those reasons, it’s an often used material in automotive, aerospace and automation. Applications include housings, ductwork, engine parts, production tools and molds, both for prototyping and manufacturing purposes.


Materialise is member of the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform.