Laser Safety Officer

Lasers are increasingly used in various locations and for various tasks. Control and optimization is essential to guarantee the safety of you and your co-workers. A proper implementation of security measures and corrective actions is of great importance to achieve this. By developing, maintaining and implementing a laser safety policy, you will have guidelines to create a safe working environment. To compose such policy, you will need knowledge of standards and regulations, potentially hazardous laser systems, risk analysis, monitoring and the preparation of procedures.

Is laser safety your concern or will it become your concern? Then follow this course, where you will be trained in just two days to act as a Laser Safety Officer. This course is in line with the International Laser Safety Standard IEC 60825 and the regulations relating to Artificial Optical Radiation Directive 2006/25 / EC.

What will you learn in this Laser Safety Officer course?

When completing this course, you are able to independently perform all activities associated with the role of a Laser Safety Officer (LSO). This course will guide you to European regulations, standards and guidelines on laser safety. In addition, you know what risks and dangers involve when working with lasers and how you anticipate on (potential) hazards. You also learn to make laser safety calculations and you will make the foundation for a laser safety management program with the right  precautions.

For who is this laser safety course meant?

Everyone who, on behalf of their employer, is responsible or will become responsible for the execution of the in-company laser safety policy, such as health and safety officers, prevention officers, safety officials and QHSE-managers.

Course level

Higher Professional Education with basic knowledge of lasers and experience with the use of lasers and laser systems. If you do not possess this knowledge or experience, you should follow the Laser Safety course first.


The course consists of two meetings that will take place once a week.


This course will be completed with a test. When the result of this test is sufficient, you will receive a Laser Safety Officer-certificate.

Course material

An extensive syllabus and the book “Laser safety management” by Ken Barat.


This course will be in English.

The following topics will be discussed during the Laser Safety Officer course:

  • The European regulations, directives and international standards with regard to laser safety and laser applications, dangers and risks.
  • The assessment and documentation of all potentially dangerous laser systems:
    • properties laser radiation
    • identification
    • dangers laser radiation
    • specification of laser systems
    • laser classification
  • Making simple laser safety calculations
    • determining MPE, AEL and NOHD
    • requirements with regard to the classification of laser products
  • Laser safety management program
    • laser safety policy
    • laser safety company structure and execution
    • functions, tasks and responsibilities (in particular of the LSO)
    • laser safety company instruction
  • Laser safety precautions
    • requirements and/or limitations with regard to use
    • technical facilities
    • procedural measures
    • personal means of protection
  • Requirements with regard to the in-company laser safety policy.
  • Procedures and the responsibilities and the laser safety instruction.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for organizing this course in-house at your company?


We visit you free of obligation, so that we obtain a clear view of your organization, the target group and your objectives.


A good adjustment to your company-specific situation and the deployment of very experienced teachers who have earned their spurs in practice. Mikrocentrum is CEDEO-accredited.


Organizing an in-house course for multiple people often offers an interesting price advantage.


In the end, it is the result that counts. Our personal and flexible approach, the practice-oriented approach and most of all our experienced and specialized teachers all contribute to this success.

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Beoordeling Cursus Laser Safety Officer (Jan Diepeveen, 21/5/2014)

De training werd gegeven door zeer deskundige docent. Zowel regelgeving en techniek kwamen uitgebreid aan bod.... Lees verder