Laser Safety

The use of laser systems is on the rise. Lasers are used e.g. in measuring instruments and scanners, to create markings, or for industrial applications such as laser welting, laser cutting, or laser cooling. Working with lasers is not without risks, however. Proper risk control often requires specific safety measures. The course Laser safety gives you insight into the possible dangers of working with lasers. You will learn e.g. about technical and organizational measures that are necessary for a safe work space. Additionally, ths laser safety course offers a sound basis for performing risk analyses.

What will you learn within this laser safety course?

The course will introduce you to the phenomenon of lasers. You will learn about the different types and classes of lasers and about their characteristics. Next you will learn about the dangers of working with lasers, with special emphasis on biological dangers. You will learn about the main standards and directives for laser safety, and about the elements that are needed for a solid risk analysis. This will enable you to take necessary measures for a safer work space.

For who is this course meant?

Anyone who is directly or indirectly involved with the use of lasers.

Level of the course

MBO (mid-level vocational education) level 4, prior knowledge of lasers is not required.

Duration of the course

1 full-day session from 9.00 to 16.30.

Proof of participation

Upon completing the course you will receive a proof of participation.

Course materials

An extensive syllabus (in English) which can be used as a reference work after the course.
The course can be supplemented with an in-house laser risk survey and advice.


Utrecht: Dutch
Eindhoven: English (unless all participants speak Dutch)

Introduction to lasers

  • What is a laser?
  • Recognizing the various types of lasers and their characteristics
  • Various methods for measuring laser radiation
  • Insight into the division into classes of lasers

Laser safety

  • The biological effects of laser radiation
  • Directives and standards: European Optical Radiation Directive 2006/25/EG and the international laser safety norm IEC EN 60825-X with 1 <X < 14
  • Methods for making a safe estimation of radiation levels

Safety measures

  • Technical safety measures
  • Organizational safety measures
  • Personal safety measures

Risk analysis

  • Methods for creating a risk assessment and evaluation (RI&E) and an action plan (PvA).

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for organizing this course in-house at your company?


We visit you free of obligation, so that we obtain a clear view of your organization, the target group and your objectives.


A good adjustment to your company-specific situation and the deployment of very experienced teachers who have earned their spurs in practice. Mikrocentrum is CEDEO-accredited.


Organizing an in-house course for multiple people often offers an interesting price advantage.


In the end, it is the result that counts. Our personal and flexible approach, the practice-oriented approach and most of all our experienced and specialized teachers all contribute to this success.

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