Systems Engineering

Looking for a way to minimize budgets or schedule overruns to enhance the success rate of your engineering projects? The Systems engineering course based on the INCOSE method helps you to set up a targeted integrated system engineering approach that benefits your project organization and limits any associated bureaucracy.

This five day course addresses systems engineering as it is understood and practiced by leading acquirer, developer and supplier organizations worldwide. It provides an integrated approach to a set of management and technical disciplines, which combines optimizing system effectiveness, enhancing project success and reducing risk.

What will you learn within this systems engineering course?

Within this course, you will learn ways of achieving corporate objectives, e.g. time to market, cost of goods sold, product quality, military objectivest. The course is based on the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook and prepares for the internationally recognized INCOSE certification. On completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the overall concepts which are characteristic of a systems approach to engineering.
  • Understand the overall process elements and their relationships, which collectively constitute the fundamentals.
  • Understand and be able to relate the roles of developer as supplier, developer as creator and developer as acquirer. You also understand how to place their own roles and roles of their customers (internal and external) and suppliers (internal and external) within this framework.
  • Be able to perform the basics of some of the more important techniques of system requirements analysis, development of physical solution, development of logical solution, evaluation of solution alternatives (trade-off studies) and design iteration.
  • Be familiar with the principles and major techniques of engineering management in a systems project context.
  • Have the basic capability to tailor the application of the principles and methods to different application scenarios.
  • Be capable of extensive further learning in the field of systems engineering within a sound conceptual framework.

For who is this course meant?

Anyone who performs, manages, controls or specifies the development of small to large technology-based systems, especially for exacting applications or to fixed budgets. The course will be of particular value to people with an aspiration to become recognized as a qualified system engineer.

Course level

University of applied sciences / higher education (HBO)


5 day sessions in Veldhoven, each from 09.00 till 17.00 hrs.

Certificate of attendance

After completing the course you receive a certificate of attendance.

Course material

An extensive English syllabus. Because this field is continuously in development, the course material will be updated frequently to the latest state of technical affairs. The course will be given in English. Participants are invited to contribute their own developed parts to discuss them as a practical case study.

This course is tailored to the standards set by INCOSE and offers the following content:

  • Systems Engineering Overview
  • Generic Life-Cycle Stages
  • Technical Processes
  • Project Processes
  • Agreement Processes
  • Organizational Project-Enabling Processes
  • Tailoring Processes
  • Specialty Engineering Activities

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for organizing this course in-house at your company?


We visit you free of obligation, so that we obtain a clear view of your organization, the target group and your objectives.


A good adjustment to your company-specific situation and the deployment of very experienced teachers who have earned their spurs in practice. Mikrocentrum is CEDEO-accredited.


Organizing an in-house course for multiple people often offers an interesting price advantage.


In the end, it is the result that counts. Our personal and flexible approach, the practice-oriented approach and most of all our experienced and specialized teachers all contribute to this success.

For more information, please contact:
Jeroen Gijsberts, or by phone at +31 (0) 40 296 99 33

This course is unique in that it conveys not just the techniques but also the philiosophy of this method. Abundant use is made of cases, brought in by both the participants and the instructor. We focus on fostering a systems engineering attitude, rather than drowning in bureaucracy. Therefore this course is equally suited to larger and smaller companies.


J8r7U945 Robert J. de Boer was trained as an aerospace engineer at Delft University of Technology. He majored in man-machine systems and graduated cum laude in 1988 on the thresholds of the vestibular organ. After gaining experience in line management and consulting he joined Fokker Technologies in 1999. Here he was asked to develop this approach for Fokker in compliance with aerospace requirements, as a prerequisite for Fokker to participate on the A380 program. This led to the appointment as the Director of Engineering in 2002. In this role he supported and guided an increasing number of engineers (up to 300) occupied in a large number of new design projects across the globe. 

These experiences inspired his current scientific interest in engineering collaboration, cumulating in a PhD (achieved in May 2012) at the Delft University of Technology. Since September 2009 Robert is appointed as Professor ("lector") of Aviation Engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). In this role he executes applied research in the field of aviation, with a focus on process improvement and engineering management. Maarten Bonnema is an associate professor in multidisciplinary systems design at the Department of Design, Production and Management of the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente. He has worked as a Systems Engineer at ASML. His research aims at supporting system designers, conceptual design and mechatronic design by improving multidisciplinary communication. Also systems thinking is researched. An overview of publications can be found at

He has a broad teaching expertise spanning design in general, industrial design engeineering, and especially systems engineering.  He also holds a position as associate professor at the Norwegian Institute for Systems Engineering in Kongsberg, Norway, where he looks at electric mobility in particular.


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