Project Management for engineers (English version)

Optimum execution and control of (technical) projects

The use of methods, techniques and project management instruments, although vital in any (technical) environment, does in itself not guarantee project success.

The English course Project Management for Engineers covers both the “hard” and the “soft” project management skills. In order for project managers to be able to apply their soft skills to maximum effect, they need to have insight in their own personalities and core competences.

The project engineer or lead engineer needs to grow toward the role of project manager. During this course you will develop competences like creativity, communication and commitment.

What will you learn during this course?

You will learn to manage your project team proactively and effectively. The course focuses on the tools and techniques of working in projects as well as on developing an entrepreneurial, business-like and result driven attitude.

Who is the target audience of the course Project Management for Engineers?

Project engineers and technical employees who have to manage projects but who are not full-time project managers (yet).

Level of the course

Bachelor level.


4 sessions (9.00 am to 16.30 pm)

Certificate of participation

After completing the course you will receive a certificate of participation.

Course material

A standard book on project management, and assignments during and between the sessions.

You will work in groups. Each work group selects a project from one of its members’ own practice and uses that project for the various assignments during the course. You will focus on your own learning objectives as well as those of the work group.

- you will be introduced to all aspects of project management;
- you will learn how to set up a project plan;
- you will experience the importance of effective behaviour and communication;
- you will gain insight into leadership within projects.

In preparation for the course you will be asked to fill in an intake form. The course instructor uses that form to determine your starting level and can thus better focus on your personal learning goals.


Day 1

  • Introduction
    • welcome + introduction teacher
    • introduction + learning goals
    • explanation of the course programme
    • issues with regard to projects: participants list issues with regard to their projects
  • A Bird's Eye View of Project Management
    • routine – project – improvisation
    • characteristics of a project
    • IT - THEY - WE - I aspects
    • results
    • Business Case
    • phasing
    • controlling
    • deciding
  • Project preparation (initiation phase)
    • focussing the project
    • the project assignment

Day 2

  • Communication - theory
    • Leary's Rose
    • listen actively (listen - summarise - ask further questions)
    • johari window
    • giving and receiving feedback
    • Thomas - Kilmann instrument
    • dealing with resistance
  • Role plays with training actor

Day 3

  • Project definition (Definition phase)
    • organising the project
    • the project plan
  • Project structures
    • WBS / PBS
    • phasing
    • estimating
    • planning

Day 4

  • Controlling the project
    • control cycle (PDCA)
    • control aspects
      • time
      • cost
      • scope
      • quality
      • human resources
      • communication
      • procurement
      • risk
      • integration
    • control plans
  • Closing and evaluating of a project.
  • Closing and evaluating of the training.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities for organizing this course in-house at your company?


We visit you free of obligation, so that we obtain a clear view of your organization, the target group and your objectives.


A good adjustment to your company-specific situation and the deployment of very experienced teachers who have earned their spurs in practice. Mikrocentrum is CEDEO-accredited.


Organizing an in-house course for multiple people often offers an interesting price advantage.


In the end, it is the result that counts. Our personal and flexible approach, the practice-oriented approach and most of all our experienced and specialized teachers all contribute to this success.

For more information, please contact:
Wilma Kuijpers, or by phone at +31 (0)6 20 62 56 80
This course is organized exclusively in-house at your company.

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