About Mikrocentrum

Mikrocentrum offers assistance with:

  • Increasing knowledge
  • Expanding your network 
  • Improving business processes 
  • Presenting your company
  • Strengthening your competitive position

We have access to a large professional network that extends to the industrial sector, the public and semipublic sectors, and knowledge institutes and educational institutes. About 25.000 people take part in our events and activities annually.


Our main activities are:


We offer more than 150 course titles at MBO (intermediate vocational) and HBO (higher vocational) level (Mikrocentrum) and HBO+ and academic level (Engenia).


Each year we organize  9 large trade fairs and over 30 lecture days. Our events focus on product and company presentations, lectures, and networking.

(Doing) Business

Het High Tech Platform offers companies the possibility to expand their commercial technology network and offers its members many benefits. Currently more than 600 companies are members of the High Tech Platform.

Organization and location

ISO9001 200x200x96Mikrocentrum has 47 permanent employees, 140 freelance trainers, and 20 freelance employees working within various other parts of the organization. Mikrocentrum was founded in Utrecht in 1968 and has been located in Eindhoven since 1976. Its main office is located at Kruisstraat 74 in Eindhoven, and an annex is located within the Beta-building on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and an additional building for practice training in Veldhoven (Techniekhuys). Mikrocentrum has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008.

Legal Structure

Mikrocentrum is an independent foundation (Stichting Mikrocentrum Nederland) with a holding company (Mikrocentrum Holding BV) and an operating company (Mikrocentrum Activiteiten BV). The day-to-day management is in the hands of by Geert Hellings (managing director), Frank Bruls (manager Training department), Els van de Ven (Trade Fair & Congress manager) and Ingrid van Kronenburg (financial controller).