MC2021 KBMESgaandoor
16 August 2021
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Kunststoffenbeurs and Materials+Eurofinish+Surface will continue!

On Friday the 13th of August, the Dutch government presented the corona measures for the coming weeks.

Bert Jan Woertman
3 June 2021
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Bert-Jan Woertman new Managing Director of Mikrocentrum

Bert-Jan Woertman will be the new Managing Director of Mikrocentrum.

PBKB2020 1200x628 geannuleerd EN
14 October 2020
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Precision Fair and Trade Fair Kunststoffen 2020 cancelled

The 2020 editions of the Precision Fair and the Trade Fair Kunststoffen (Plastics Trade Fair) are cancelled. Mikrocentrum is announcing this after consultation with its stakeholders.