14 October 2020
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Precision Fair and Trade Fair Kunststoffen 2020 cancelled

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The 2020 editions of the Precision Fair and the Trade Fair Kunststoffen (Plastics Trade Fair) are cancelled. Mikrocentrum is announcing this after consultation with its stakeholders. The Precision Fair was scheduled on the 18th and 19th of November and the Trade Fair Kunststoffen on the 2nd and 3rd of December, both in the Brabanthallen in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Geert Hellings, managing director of Mikrocentrum: “Through surveys among the visitors, surveys among the exhibitors and various additional contacts, we have continuously polled the opinions and advices of exhibitors, visitors and collaboration partners during this corona virus outbreak. In our contacts with exhibitors, we have noticed positive reactions as well as hesitation towards participation.

Green light, however uncertainties remained

On Thursday October 8th, Mikrocentrum organized meetings for the exhibitors of both trade fairs in the ‘Brabanthallen’. At the demo exhibition, exhibitors could experience the extensive, implemented safety measures. The overall opinion of the exhibitors who were present was that Mikrocentrum was able to organize both fairs in a safe way. This has already been confirmed by the Dutch Safety Region. However, uncertainties remained.

Consultation with stakeholders

Concerns were related to the number of expected visitors and the health of all involved. This was intensified by the recent rapidly increasing number of corona infections. That is why Mikrocentrum asked the exhibitors for advice about whether or not to continue both trade fairs and allowed them the opportunity to cancel free of charge, while retaining participation in 2021. The results of these advices, the number of cancellations and the developments around the corona virus, were key elements in making this decision by Mikrocentrum. The partial lockdown announced by the Dutch government on October 13, calling for a reduction in travel movements and social contacts for at least the next four weeks, reinforces and confirms the decision.

Focus on 2021

Facilitating business contacts for both visitors and exhibitors was the key motivator over the past months. That is why Mikrocentrum made a lot of efforts and additional investments to organize these trade fairs in the safest way possible. As an independent knowledge and network organization, Mikrocentrum facilitates these trade fairs for and with companies in the technical manufacturing industry. Hellings: "Organizing a trade fair in this corona pandemic requires extra efforts and investments. We do that together. That's why this cancellation decision was mutual. Mikrocentrum will soon start preparations for the upcoming editions and will develop additional (digital) alternatives throughout the year to facilitate meetings and business in these special times", says Hellings. The Trade Fair Kunststoffen will take place next year in September, the Precision Fair in November.

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