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Model Based Definition is the Industry 4.0 revolution in the CAD / CAE / CMM / CAM domain. It offers benefits for the entire chain: machine builders (OEMs), manufacturing companies, and design agencies.

MBD is the source of all design information

It all starts with product design. In MBD, 3D models are used as the source of all design information. This means that this information is no longer on a 2D drawing but exists as digital data within the 3D model. Product & Manufacturing Information (PMI) then enables the automation of processes in Design Engineering and Manufacturing, among others. This leads to fewer prototypes and shorter product development times because the quality of the design is checked at an early stage.

This way of working, therefore, results in a more efficient and effective product development process.

Learn all about the transition to MBD

For manufacturing companies, there is a lot to gain in:

  • Design reviews
  • Creating work instructions
  • Creating measurement plans
  • Programming CMM and CAM

How do you get the most out of this way of working? Where do you start? And how do larger companies like Rademaker and Thermo Fisher Scientific implement this? Discover everything you need for this transformation during the MBD Solutions Event:

  • The roadmap for MBD implementation (design and manufacturing)
  • Practical examples
  • Available software solutions
  • MBD norms and standards

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Together with our partners ASML, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Rademaker, and Raith, we encourage MBD knowledge sharing and usage. Are you part of the supply chain of these companies? Then you shouldn't miss the MBD Solutions Event; register for free.

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Teus van Vianen
Manager Research, Development & Engineering
Rademaker BV
Teus van Vianen
Peter Schets
PLM Architect
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Peter Schets
Leo Broers
Consultant/Program Manager - Model Based Enterprise & Digital Twin
Piet Kaars
Engineering manager
Raith Group
Mark Camps
Machinno / JingDiao Netherlands
Ing. Mark Camps
Helmar Kraus
Supplier Quality Engineer
Helmar Kraus MBD2022

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OEM Partners


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