This is the Clean Event

This is Clean Event 2023

Thermo Fisher Scientific's "Levels", ASML's "Grades", more and more companies are demanding cleanliness for their products as they see particles and molecular contamination negatively affecting product performance.

Clean 2023 is for all OEMs and their supply chain to get and keep cleanliness in check.

Anyone who has already made strides knows that every step in the process counts. The entire process must be under control: from design to manufacturing, assembly and packaging.

Get answers to questions

  • Which cleaning system should I choose?
  • What is the influence of surface roughness?
  • What is the influence of my cooling lubricant?
  • How does my company get to a higher level of cleanliness?
  • What is the best way to inspect (and quantify) particulate contamination?
  • Clean yourself or outsource?
  • Knowledge sharing between the companies for which clean products are a must and the supply chain is a must to make the whole chain stronger.

Clean Event 2023 connects professionals from the entire chain around industrial cleanliness

The Clean Event connects professionals from the entire chain around industrial cleanliness to face challenges together, share knowledge and exchange experiences. As a visitor, you will meet suppliers of industrial cleaning services, systems and products focused on:

  • Wet cleaning processes
  • Thermal cleaning processes
  • Special cleaning processes and applications
  • Mechanical cleaning processes
  • Cleanrooms and supplies


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Participating in Clean 2023 gives you the opportunity to bring your innovations, expertise and brand to the attention of a specific target group: specialists from the entire chain within High Tech, aviation, automotive and medical technology. Interested in becoming an exhibitor or sponsor?

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Useful information for visitors

Participation fee

  • Participation is free for visitors
  • If you do not belong to the visitor's target group, you will pay € 395 excl.
  • It is not appreciated if you visit the Clean event for commercial relationship management and/or acquisition purposes.

Location and contact

NH Conference Centre Koningshof
Locht 119
5504 RM  Veldhoven

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If you are looking for more knowledge, new products, and innovative processes for the cleaning of industrial components and surfaces, don’t miss CLEAN 2023!

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