In the precision technology there is a trend towards smaller, faster and more accurate construction. Systems contain electronic actuators, sensors, line units and software. The mechanical designer is expected to deliver an essential contribution to support the other disciplines in achieving the numerous system specifications. Expertise of construction principles is indispensable in this proces. A good mechanical design is the basis for an accurate and fast production proces. You will learn this during the course Design principles.

  • Have a conceptual understanding of working methods for the design of precision mechanisms
  • Know how to recognise problem areas, to identify alternatives and to make the appropriate choices
  • Get acquainted with dynamic behaviour and control engineering
Designers of products and/or means of production for which precision is essential
High education-level with some knowledge of dynamic behavior and control engineering principles
3 afternoon/evening sessions
Certificate of attendance
An extensive syllabus and the book Design Principles for Precision Mechanism by Herman Soemer
Includes package costs and training materials
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About the course Design principles

At the end of the Design principles course you will have a conceptual understanding of working methods for the design of precision mechanisms. Besides you know how to recognise problem areas, to identify alternatives and to make the appropriate choices.


At the end of this CPE approved course you will receive one point per day, so a total of 3 points. From 45 points you are entitled to use the title CPE (Certified Precision Engineer).

Day 1: basic principles regarding

  • Constructing for rigidity
  • Avoiding play
  • Controlling degrees of freedom

Day 2: theory concerning the preferred areas of interest and questions concerning

  • Manipulation and setting
  • Friction
  • Hysteresis
  • Fixating and micro-slip
  • Unrolling
  • Energy management
  • Exercises concerning the above fields of interest

Day 3

  • Exchanging experiences with the materials studied in the individual participants’ own working environment 
  • Discussing cases
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Your teacher

Raymond Lafarre

A large part of this course revolves around awareness of how design principles affect the performance of machines and products. Central to how fundamental design choices about power transmission, degrees of freedom and friction (or rather lack of friction) affect accuracy and predictability.

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a total of 3 meetings
€ 1925

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Een zeer goede docent. Zijn kennis, ervaring, enthousiasme en geduld.......geweldig. Dank hiervoor.
Hans Verhoeven, ASML
Zeer goede cursus. Degelijke uitleg van belang stijfheid, minimaliseren massa, omgaan met vrijheidsgraden en meer. Praktisch door demonstratie met simpele voorbeelden. Voor mij goed toepasbaar voor opzetten, beoordelen van nieuwe constructies en verbeteren van bestaande constructies omdat ik nu beter de achtergronden begrijp en het ‘waarom’ kan uitleggen.
Marc Horstink
Broodnodige cursus voor de Constructeur!
Paul van der Velden, NTS
Goede training met veel praktijkvoorbeelden. Theorie die ik zeker ga toepassen in mijn dagelijkse werk.
Henk van der Weijer, ACE
I loved the course.
Smitom Borkotoky, ASML B.V.
Very practical and useful knowledge for every mechanical engineer.
Filip van den Broeck, ASML
Zeer informatief en heldere uitleg door docent. Veel stof behandeld in een prima tempo.
Roel van Ekeren, Demcon
Boeiende cursus die aan de hand van veel praktische voorbeelden een overzicht geeft van de eisen die gesteld worden aan mechanische systemen waarbij precisie een rol speelt. Een mooie samenvatting van de belangrijkste principes die aan de basis liggen van een goed ontwerp.
Frank Bekkers, ASML
Nice course and nice instructor. Good to learn the basics about precision engineering.
Nicolau Teixeira, ASML
De lesstof wordt goed uitgelegd met voorbeelden uit de praktijk.

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