Safety is always a priority for us as Mikrocentrum. That is why we always follow the current RIVM guidelines. We set ourselves high standards when it comes to the safety of our guests, relations and employees. Every detail has been worked out: from the moment you step in to the moment you leave our location. To act proactively, we keep a close eye on current events and are in close contact with the locations where we operate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Advice by the Dutch Government

Safely participate in courses

Providing a safe course environment is our top priority. That is why we consider each course that is most appropriate: online, classroom or hybrid (combination online and classroom). We understand that you may have questions. That is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions for you below.

Q&A: answers to the most frequently asked questions

1. What happens if my course is canceled due to corona?
We look at which approach is most suitable for each course and student. If it is not possible for courses to take place physically, scheduled courses will be moved to, or resumed at, a later time. If the nature of the course allows it, you can opt for an online or hybrid (mix of classroom and online) variant. If a course cannot take place, you will always be informed by our Training department and we will look for a suitable solution together with you.

2. Are courses offered online?
Unfortunately this is not possible for all courses as many of our courses contain practical lessons. Where possible and if the situation so requires, our courses can be (partly) provided online. A number of courses are available in a digital classroom variant.

3. What if I cannot / am not allowed to attend a course due to corona?
In this case, we will work with you to determine which option best suits your situation. In many cases we can move your participation to a later date. If, for whatever reason, this does not work, we will be happy to look for the best solution with you.

4. I am a student and I am sick or have corona, what should I do?
If you are showing symptoms of illness, we request that you contact our Training Department before 9:00 am on the telephone number +31 (0)40 296 99 33.

5. I am a student, have corona and have participated in a course in the past 10 days. What should I do?
If you have been diagnosed with corona and you have taken part in a course in the past 10 days, we request that you contact our Training department directly via telephone number +31 (0)40 296 99 33. important for source and contact research and for anonymously informing people you have been in contact with.

6. I have questions, who can I contact?
If you have any questions about your course or one of the corona measures, you can always contact our training department via +31 (0)40 296 99 33 or or contact your contact person.

7. What are the measures at other course locations?
If you follow one of our courses at an external course location, read all guidelines and measures per location here:

Safely participating in events

Safety for all persons involved in the trade fairs and events is always a top priority for Mikrocentrum and the cooperation partners. We want to offer everyone involved in our events a safe environment to network, share knowledge and discover the latest innovations. Together with the event locations we work with, we take the right measures to achieve a maximum safe environment. This also applies to our own location.

Q&A: answers to the most frequently asked questions

1. Which corona measures are being taken at the fair or event?
The following measures will be taken at the event:

Hand disinfection points at all entrances, toilets and catering facilities to disinfect your hands
5 meter wide aisles at trade fairs we provide extra wide aisles so that people can keep their distance if desired
All spaces are cleaned extra well, think of catering points, but also the toilet and surfaces that can be touched frequently
Payments are made contactless via PIN
Mouth caps are not mandatory but everyone is free to wear them
Air ventilation system the locations all have an advanced air purification system

2. How do you deal with international exhibitors and visitors?
Mikrocentrum follows the measures and advice from the central government.

3. Is there catering at your fairs and events?
Yes, the catering industry at our fairs and events is open. We also follow government guidelines.

4. I am an exhibitor and I want to cancel free of charge due to the coronavirus, is that possible?
In the event of cancellation by the exhibitor, the cancellation conditions as included in the relevant agreement apply. If events cannot take place due to government measures, this is free of charge for the exhibitors.

5. Do you use the same approach for every trade fair and event?
For the planned events, a tailor-made approach is determined for each event. As an organisation, we take far-reaching measures to safely organize these events and to offer you plenty of space to meet each other responsibly, in an attractive environment. However, the situation is subject to change and we will take appropriate measures and actions in a timely manner for the events still planned.

6. What are the measures per location?
For events planned at external locations, Mikrocentrum is in close contact with both the location and the associated security region. In consultation with these parties, we take appropriate measures and work out various scenarios to ensure that these events take place safely and successfully, if responsible.

Brabanthallen: view the current measures in the Brabanthallen
NH Koningshof: view the current measures in NH Conference Center Koningshof