Carsten Engel

Carsten Engel

Carsten Engel, MSc, MBA, graduated at the University of Brussels (ULB) as a biomedical engineer and worked as a researcher at SIRRIS (the Collective Centre of the Belgian Technology Industry) for five years which has the biggest European 3D Printing machine park (22 different systems). His main work involved R&D projects in the field of biomedical and aerospace applications where he optimized systems and designs using metal alloys and polymers.


During his work at SIRRIS he also deployed the ISO13485 (Medical) standard for 4 different technologies raging from ceramics to polymers and metals. He is also listed as an expert reviewer for the European Commission in the field of Additive Manufacturing.


Mr Engel also gave a TED talk where the focus of the first one was on medical applications of 3D Printing. He did his MBA study in Brussels which involved a market research and a viability research of a start-up company in the field of metal 3D printing for aerospace applications.


Carsten Engel is the CTO of the company Xilloc Medical. His role for Xilloc Industries is to integrate 15 different 3D Printing systems in the supply chain of the company. He will be responsible for the production and R&D projects. As much as it is required in the beginning, he will reinforce the sales, marketing and design team. He will also be responsible to transfer the knowledge to the clients of Xilloc Industries.

Xilloc is famous for designing the world first 3D printed titanium skull implant. Everyone in the medical additive manufacturing industry knows it. Xilloc was founded in 2011, the same year they realised yet another worldwide première; a 3D printed titanium complete jaw implant. And Xilloc is not going to stop innovating...