Kistler wins ASCO Award for lean project

Kistler,  2 december 2015
Kristler wins asco award

Kistler Instrumente AG was honored with the coveted ASCO Award Gold for the best and most sustainable corporate transformation in Switzerland by the Industrial Federation of Swiss Management Consultants on June 23, 2015.


With this award, ASCO recognizes the successful introduction of the lean management philosophy by Kistler and the consultancy Wertfabrik. The award-winning lean project emerged from an overarching transformation project to roll out a new management system, a divisionalized corporate structure and rolling planning.


The objective of the project is to secure the competitiveness of the Kistler Group in the long run. Considerable cost reductions and an increased level of flexibility attest to the success of the project.


Award for Most Sustainable Corporate Transformation in Switzerland
The Industrial Federation of Swiss Management Consultants ASCO presented the ASCO award for the best corporate transformation for the tenth time at Hotel Park Hyatt Zurich on June 23, 2015. The top prize (gold) went to a joint project undertaken by Kistler Instrumente AG and the consultancy Wertfabrik for the introduction of a lean management philosophy.


Lean Project as Culmination of a Long-Standing Transformation Phase
As the market leader in dynamic measurement technology, the Kistler Group embarked on an in-depth process in 2011 with its KistlerNext transformation project designed to strengthen the company's competitiveness on a sustainable basis. The lean project was derived from KistlerNext and established in 2013. Its objectives were to cut costs and increase flexibility – thereby, not least of all, securing jobs in Switzerland. 


Measurable Results Attest to Success
Measurable results such as considerably shorter throughput times and a higher level of productivity show that Kistler's lean project is bearing fruit. "Once we got the ball rolling, we uncovered unexpected hidden potential," says a delighted Claudio Valeri, Head of Production & Logistics and Kistler Lean Manager. "By rolling out the lean management philosophy, Kistler positioned itself to secure its competitiveness over the long term, even at the high-wage location of Switzerland.


Confirmation of Route Taken
For Kistler, the award provides valuable confirmation of the route it has taken, and it shows that the approach taken is working. "The ASCO Award is both motivation and confirmation for us. Scooping gold at the 2015 ASCO awards ceremony simply means that we are getting it just right," says an equally delighted Rolf Sonderegger, CEO of Kistler Group. "I congratulate the Kistler Lean team on the deserved award. I wish to say a huge thank you to everyone who implemented the various lean projects under a great deal of time pressure. They displayed lots of energy and remarkable commitment."


Kistler is a member of the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform


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